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WIOG are committed to educating high school and university students about the oil and gas industry and encouraging young women to consider future career possibilities within the oil and gas sector.

Women currently account for 13 percent of the engineering workforce in Australia and just 17 percent of graduates nationally. [i]

WIOG works with university students to give them an insight into what it is like to work in the industry, the benefits and the opportunities for young women to forge a career path in an industry that is in high demand for more females. Career prospects in the oil and gas sector are applicable through a range of different expertise including engineering, geology, law and commerce.

WIOG focuses on educating high school students to increase awareness of the industry and to encourage those who have chosen to select STEM subjects to consider a university pathway towards the oil and gas sector.

Over the past four years, WIOG has partnered with Chevron to educate 150 school students in Western Australia about the oils and gas industry and the vocational opportunities within the sector.

In the Universities, WIOG have presence many universities across Australia and Guild affiliation at University of Western Australia and at Curtin University. WIOG has partner with UWA and Curtin to provide tailor made events to university students and also have participated on the panel discussions at many of the conferences on developing the skill pool from the universities where majority of female talent is lost when they make the transition into the workforce.

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Women in Oil & Gas

Women in Oil and Gas is committed to promoting diversity and the career advancement of women with the oil and gas industry. WIOG aims to support its members, communicate with industry and contribute to the community.

WIOG operated under the banner of Women in Oil and Gas Pty Ltd.

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